Weary of being a mediocre manager? Do you want advance up the success ladder and work as assistant managers or managers across various community sector organizations? Do you want to perform more competently for your team? Scores of skilled and dedicated workers are in demand in this sector in Australia and the right quality and certifications will give you access to an array of rewarding career oppurtunities.

To be entitled to work as a manager in the community sector you must complete a CHC 62015 Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management offered at the nationally recognised institute, KAL Training. Our mission is to deliver optimum level of learning experience by putting forth the best experts to teach you. This course embraces a range of topics to help you flourish in the community sector.


This qualification is suitable for people who aim to work as managers in varied community-based organizations across Australia. You will be in a position where you work independently or report to executive management; in job types where you will provide advice and assistance to staff in this field who are attempting to better the lives of their clients. You may operate independently or report to directors or boards of management, and you would be responsible for a variety of activities that help people live more satisfying lives.
They also commit to a range of duties requiring specialized knowledge and skills to achieve results that meet and exceed the organisation’s goals and strategic directions. With this course you will be trained to lead teams and manage services in children’s services, aged care, mental health and a range of other areas.


If you have an inclination towards management, being a leader and want to work for the community, you should definitely pursue this career. At KAL Training, our maestros will help you develop your leadership abilities and feel confident working with vivid organisations or taking on a new project. Moreover, this course will improve your business skills enabling you to manage all aspects of your community sector organisation.


This qualification will allow you to find your desired employment all across Australia. With a certificate of Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management in hand you can take up potential job titles like:

  • Area Manager
  • Centre Director
  • Coordinator (large organizations)
  • Community Care Manager
  • Community Development Manager
  • Program Area Manager
  • Community Education Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Community Services Manager
  • Volunteer Program Manager

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” – Douglas Adams. KAL Training can help you refine your skills and expertise to ensure that you are the best manager you can be. Enrol into our Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management today. We take pride in shaping your careers. Embark on a career journey like no other. If enhancing your management skills is what you are looking for, our virtual CHC62015 Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management is precisely where you should start.