Construction is a versatile occupation with workers undertaking diverse roles and performing different tasks that involve masonry, carpentry, plumbing, framing, roofing, electrical, and more. Moreover, population explosion globally has generated an exigency for skilled construction professionals.

Construction skills are natural traits and learned abilities that employers consider during recruitment. These valuable skills enable you to perform your job role adeptly.

We have highlighted below 10 skills you’ll need to land a job in construction.

1. Strength and Stamina

Most construction jobs are physically demanding, where workers need considerable strength and stamina to lift heavy materials and stay on their feet for long periods of time. The job requires them to stand, climb on scaffolds, lift weighty objects, bend or squat for extended periods, crouch in awkward spaces, and sometimes put in extra hours when a project runs over time.

Along with physical fitness, you also need to have good eye-hand coordination and dexterity to work productively avoiding any injury.

2. Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy, an important construction skill, is needed by employees to read plans, blueprints, purchase requisitions, and complete calculations during their day-to-day tasks. Knowledge of math, algebra, and geometry is required to assess building materials, keep track of measurements and determine necessary adjustments.

3. Good Communication

Communication is a must-have skill.

Construction involves teamwork- different tradespeople to coordinate with like plumbers and electricians. Being able to communicate effectively with colleagues and supervisors can help you accomplish your work more efficiently thereby avoiding costly delays, reworking, or misunderstandings caused by miscommunication.

On the job site, construction workers will need to communicate questions, directions, and decisions to their team as well as draft emails, reports, and documents.

4. Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills

Problems always exist on job sites. Be it inaccurate measurements, project delays, materials arriving late or in the wrong size, etc, issues need to be addressed immediately to ensure a project stays on track, especially when the safety of workers is involved. These skills can help you work more effectively and make a good impression on supervisors and colleagues.

5. Familiarity with Codes and regulations

Construction work generally complies with building codes, labour agreements, safety codes, environmental regulations, and green building codes. Being well-versed in safety protocols and using protective gear is valuable for construction workers and can curtail training time.

Know these to become a valuable asset to your team.

6. Organisational Skills

Employers value employees who remain methodical. Good organisational skills can help workers locate the materials they need, understand objectives and stay focused on the important tasks on the job, evading any unnecessary or time-consuming tasks.

7. Teamwork

Teamwork makes the dream work! Construction employees with this magical skill can motivate their peers, create a strong team to deliver quality construction outcomes and it also helps build trust with co-workers. In addition to teamwork skills, you also need to have a high degree of emotional intelligence to avert or handle possible conflicts on the job site.

8. Attention to detail

Having an eye for detail at work can deliver great results and operating with precision and accuracy in every task can lead to delivering quality work. Sighting small inaccuracies early on in the building process allows timely corrective action.

It’s another way to prosper in the construction industry.

9. Time Management

Being able to manage your time wisely and efficiently is a good way to show initiative and commitment toward your tasks. Construction employees who competently meet deadlines are an asset to their company. Time management is indeed a valuable skill to learn!

10. Technological skills

Technology trends continue to and will further impact the industry in the near future. In today’s competitive market, workers are expected to adapt to new advancements in construction technology such as Augmented reality, Virtual reality, BIM (building information modeling), Drones, Mobile applications, and Construction management software.

Workers armed with strong technical skills are desired by hiring managers.

Adaptability, Willingness to Learn, Domain Knowledge, Enjoying doing hands-on work, Interpretation skills, Patience, Able to work well under pressure, Dedication, and Flexibility are a few more skills looked upon by recruiters.

While these skills and attributes contribute to your success as a construction worker you don’t have to have them all under your belt from the get-go. Though a few of these skills may come naturally to you while the rest can be gained via recognition and practice. Want to know how?

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