A traineeship is a training contract between an employer and an employee, in which the trainee learns the skills needed for a particular occupation or trade.

A traineeship can be undertaken on a full-time or part-time basis and can be used as a valuable stepping stone to start a career in your chosen industry of interest.

Why should you start a Traineeship?

As a trainee you can:

  • Learn valuable, nationally recognized job skills
  • Get paid to learn
  • Combine formal training from a TAFE or registered training provider (RTO) with workplace-based training.

Who can become a trainee?

Anyone of working age (over 15 years old).

Traineeships are not only for the young! Mature workers are known for their ability to bring commitment to their industry, and this has been recognized by the increasing numbers of older workers undertaking a traineeship.

Traineeships operate in exactly the same way for all ages.

Employed in the industry, but lacking the right skills?

Some employers are willing to train as a trainee, people they already employ, if those employees don't have some of the skills needed. Traineeships can help you gain skills through both structured off-the-job or workplace-based training, and practical experience in the workplace. A win-win for both you, and your employer.

Employment as a trainee

An employer agrees to employ you for the term of the traineeship and to support you in your training for that period of time, and you agree to follow instruction and attend structured training. If the business is sold, the new employer does not have to keep you on as a trainee. You or your employer may cancel the contract by signing a cancellation form or letter stating the date of cancellation. Mutual agreement is not required.

Further Information

Further traineeship information may be obtained from Skills Vic – Victorian Skills Gateway – Adult Learners Apprenticeships and Traineeships. This provides you with more details on what is involved in a traineeship.