Are you passionate about computers and all things IT? Don’t know how to turn your love for the tech-world into a full-fledged career option? There are a number of things that you can do to successfully turn your passion for information technology into a career. Read on to find out more!

1. Work For The Experience When First Starting Out

Working for experience and not monetary gain is a great idea when you’re first starting out! It makes it super easy to gain clients as you’re offering to work for them for free, and it’s also an excellent way to sharpen your skills and boost your confidence in the IT field. Working for free can really help you to build up your portfolio and will also help you decide if you really enjoy the work enough to pursue it as a career. Chances are, if you don’t do or don’t enjoy the work for free, you won’t do it or enjoy itfor money either.

2. Network, Network and Network More

As much as we hate the word, networking is key to turning any passion into a career. You must consider how you can reach out and connect with people who are in need of the IT services you’re willing to offer or who’re experienced in the IT industry. You need to source your own clients or find experienced professionals who could connect you with your target clients. It’s all about networking. Social media is an excellent way to network and connect with potential clients or IT professionals. It’s important to remember that once you’ve networked and developed solid connections with your clients, you need to maintain this!

3. Find Out What Works and What Doesn’t

While pursuing your passion for IT as a career, you are likely going to experience a lot of adjustment, just like any other job. Here is where you must identify what works and what doesn’t work for you. You’ll need to find different ways or strategies to work effectively and efficiently. Be sure to note downanychanges in your work that occur as you gain experience and keep practising in the IT field and building on your skills. Learn from both the hits and the misses!

4. Make Sure You Have The Appropriate Qualifications

Employers typically look for people with qualifications in their field as it gives them credibility! When building your career in IT, you may want to consider completing a qualification, such as KAL Training’s ICT30115 Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology. This Certificate III will provide you with practical, industry relevant training in a wide-range of information and communication technology (ICT) disciplines, making you highly employable in the IT field. Turning your passion into a career is a lot easier with a qualification by your side!

If you are interested in turning your passion for information technology into a full-fledged career, KAL Training’s courses can definitely help you out! To learn more about our IT courses, course fees and eligibility for funding, give us a call at 1800-244-438.