If you’re considering a career in childcare, you will definitely be investing in your future. Especially if you study with KAL Training and complete one of our childcare courses. There are plenty of advantages that come with working in the childcare industry. Sure, there’s no hiding the fact that childcare professions can be demanding, but these challenges are often outweighed by the rewarding nature of the job. Keep on reading to find out how you will be investing in your future with one of KAL Training’s childcare courses.

The skills acquired by childcare workers are in demand

According to Federal government skills shortages data, childcare workers shouldn’t struggle with finding secure employment. The demand for qualified childcare workers is rising, and shows no expectation of slowing down.

The government has noted that in 2015 employers didn’t find it hard to find employees for entry-level positions, however, childcare centre managers and people with diplomas in the early childhood education sector were highly sought after for such positions.

The work is fulfilling

A lot of individuals who choose to work in childcare choose the field because they enjoy working with children. They get the opportunity to play a key role in the development of the young children in their care and it’s extremely rewarding, as they get to watch them grow, learn and soak up the knowledge they pass on to them.

The wages aren’t very high in the childcare sector based on experience, unless you move into managerial or directorship roles within childcare companies, but if you really want to make a difference in children’s lives, you may be able to sacrifice on salary expectations.

There is opportunity for growth and progression

Childcare centre managers are currently in short supply all over Australia. This means that any childcare worker keen to climb the career ladder will most likely have plenty of opportunity to grow and progress in their career.

Recent statistics show a 24 per cent increase in training and educationadvertisements posted in February of 2016. These statistics may indicate that vacancies for highly qualified childcare educatorsare on the rise.

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