Exploring what working in childcare could be like? We’re here to list some of the best reasons being an Early Childhood Educator could turn out to be a great decision! But to start with, take a moment to learn more about working in this industry.

Working in Childcare

With the right qualifications, an individual can find a promising career in the Australian childcare industry. Skilled educators are highly demanded in the sector, and individuals who work as Early Childhood Educators find themselves in extremely fulfilling job roles. Think about it, your average workday would involve playing and working with children all day, what’s not to like?

Reasons you should work in childcare

From a strong career growth to the rewarding nature of working with children, here’s a list of reasons why a childcare career is the best.

1. Employment Prospects

The childcare industry is one of the fastest growing industry in Australia. With more and more childcare centres opening up in the country, the demand for educators is on the rise! According to the government’s job outlook, the future growth of child carers is very high! And that’s not it, there are likely to be about 184,000 job openings in the next five years.

2. Ample of career opportunities

If you have the right skillset and experience, you would be able to explore a range of employment opportunities! Certificate III and Diploma holders in Early Childhood Education and Care undertake job roles like Kindergarten Assistant, Nanny, Family Day Care Educator, Centre Based Director, Educational Leader, and a lot more!

3. Fulfilling career

Being an Early Childhood Educator comes with a lot of personal benefits too. You will look after the wellbeing of children, plan educational programs to help them learn and facilitate their growth.

When you assist children in their learning process, chances are, you’ll learn a lot yourself! Imagine how fulfilling it could be to make an impact in the lives of little ones and watching them grow!

4. Flexible working hours

Working in childcare also means flexible work hours! If you are someone who has children of their own or looking to earn an extra income, you’ll be able to choose when to work according to your position and time slots.

5. Fun jobs

Childcare jobs are far from your regular nine-to-five desk jobs! They are all about playing with children and helping them learn. As an educator, you’ll plan fun and interactive activities for them and help them learn through play. What’s better than seeing children’s faces light up when they are having fun?

6. Change the future

Being an educator for little kids also means that you’ll play a huge role in shaping their minds. The children of today are basically the future of tomorrow, therefore, the values that you inculcate will go a long way! Children’s early years are one of the most crucial parts of their lives and your role in their nurturing can have a huge impact.

Made up your mind? Start here

Now that you know the great benefits of working in childcare, it’s time for you to take action. If YOU want to be an Early Childhood Educator, you should make sure you have all the right skills and experience.

That’s where we come in. Our popular courses in childcare can help you achieve your career goals. We aim to provide you with the best learning experience and give you the skills and practical knowledge to be part of the workforce of today. If you want to know more about our Child care courses and how you’ll benefit from them, call 1800 244 438.