As per the Australian government, aged population (people above 65 years) will increase to 18.7% by 2031. For many, old age hampers the ability to live on the own. It comes with additional medical needs. This is where aged care comes into the picture. It is the support provided to older people either in their own home or at an aged care facility.

There is more to the story for aged care workers. Not only they enjoy a rewarding career, but the unmeasurable personal satisfaction that comes along with their job is worth living. However, what makes this profession so sought after and does this demand a specialized kind of training?

Our course CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support at KAL Training caters to the technical skills part. It prepares you to handle testing situations. We take pride in encouraging high-quality training for students that they need to build a robust career. We educate them on how to support the elderly with complex needs.

But what makes the aged care sector so unique and essential? We feel it can be a right career choice for you because of the following reasons:


After becoming a certified aged care worker, you can travel anywhere in Australia. There are no restrictions whatsoever. You can stay in Brisbane, Sydney or any other place, the decision is entirely yours!

Job Security and availability:

As per the Australian Industry and Skills Committee, demand for aged care workers is increasing rapidly. The job vacancies in this profession have doubled in recent times, which means your probability of getting a job in this profession is comparatively higher than in other sectors.

Flexible working hours:

According to training.gov.au, nearly 63% of workers in this industry are working part-time. This job does not follow the monotonous schedule of 9 to 5.

Positive work culture

This profession relies more on softer skills. Employers look for candidates who are patient and caring. They seek employees who are supportive and have good communication skills. KAL Training CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support course will help you learn critical skills required to care for clients' interests, rights, and empowerment.

Personal satisfaction

Working for an aged care sector has got to do more than just a job. It signifies having a career in an industry which will never go bust. You are making a difference in people's lives. The experience is rewarding and boasts of responsible behaviour. You have to ensure that the elderly enjoy a satisfactory quality of life, and they get to spend their golden years in full freedom without impairments in mobility.

Therefore, studying a certified course in aged care in Australia can be monetarily and emotionally rewarding.

Are you ready to work towards a fulfilling career in aged care? Get studying and unlock your potential today. Our course CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support is government funded for eligible students.