Early childhood education is an impactful career you can pursue. You ask any early childhood educator about their experience, and they will enthusiastically tell you how much they love their jobs! According to the Job Outlook, Australia, people working as Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teachers (in their main job) grew from 27,000 in 2014 to 42,300 in 2019.

Despite knowing all of this, you may wonder if teaching, or getting a diploma in early childhood care and education is a step in the intended direction. Apart from the softer skills (good communication skills, patience, creativity etc.), all aspirants must master the technical skills. The question is, how do you cover all your basis when it comes to learning?

The KAL Childcare Training course CHC50121 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care focuses on play-based learning. Its curriculum will train you in the skills that you will need to foster children's wellbeing and take up management positions in the longer run. For some enthusiasts, knowledge sharing and love for children are two good reasons to pursue a career in early childhood education. However, if you still need more convincing, keep reading to understand the uniqueness of this course:

Rewarding experience:

One of the most crucial reasons people pursue early childhood education is the satisfaction this job brings personally. Early childhood educators have an incredible yet critical opportunity to impact the younger one's lives positively. They play a noteworthy role in developing the cognitive abilities of children. The learning experience must be beneficial for children since they will carry this experience through their lives.

You never say no to your creative side

As a young teacher, when you enter the classroom, you get to see a room blossoming with inspiration and creativity. You have to invest yourself entirely in the creative happenings in the classroom. You have to always think out of the box and bring forth creative ways to teach the children in a stimulating environment. You have the power to design the curriculum so that it enhances the cognitive abilities of children.

Promising career trajectory

If you are looking for a budding career, with opportunities now and in the future, early childhood education is a very viable option. There is room for growth and the chances to progress from one hierarchy to another are very much achievable. There are many career opportunities available in Australia within the sector. You can work as a family-daycare coordinator, children's services coordinator, early-childhood educator – team leader and playgroup coordinator among the many options available.

A CHC50121 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care course certificate from KAL Training will prepare you for a significant career in children's services. By taking our course, you will be prepared to work at a higher level in the sector. It will make you confident to work in roles that require you to give attention to the details.
If you are passionate and think 'teaching is your calling', this course might be the answer. Now is the time to enrol in our course and embark on a fruitful journey along with us. Your learning is our topmost priority! So, do you have what it takes?