A career in disability is unique, challenging, inspiring and rewarding too. Do you wish to be a part of it? Are you keen in making a profound impact on someone’s life? If you’re passionate about social causes and getting involved in the betterment of your community, becoming a disability support worker can fulfill the need for you.

Disability workers provide supervision, care and support for people with disabilities at home, residential establishments, clinics and hospitals. They coordinately work with health experts to maximize the individual’s physical and mental well being. There is a big demand for support workers to make life easier for those who require assistance with day- to-day tasks.

There is a big demand for support workers to make life easier for those who require assistance with day- to-day tasks. If you look forward to be a disability support worker a qualification in disability services is desirable.


KAL Training offers nationally recognised and affordable training and education in disability services. CHC43121 Certificate IV in Disability Support is a vocational course you need to make an entry into this field. As the nature of this work requires a person-centred approach, our trainers adopting a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge will prepare you to support and empower individuals with disabilities.


To flourish in the disability services sector there are certain skills and personal traits that employers look for in aspiring candidates. Take note of these qualities:

  • Supportive and caring
  • Good communication skills
  • Responsive and trustworthy
  • Committed and cooperative
  • Patience and adaptability
  • Empathy and optimism
  • Motivating and multi-tasking

With the completion of Certificate IV in Disability Support you can work all across Australia. Potential rewarding job roles include: accomodation support worker, assistant in nursing, home care assistant, care service employees, personal care assistant, community care worker, residential care worker, support worker and so forth. The most common annual salary for a disability support worker is around $60,000 dollars.* The projected job growth is expected to rise by 25.4 percent in the next five years.

Disability Services is one career that offers reliability and a promising growth. According to the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, there will be approximately 245,000 job openings for disability support workers in Australia by 2023.

Being a disability support worker is more than just a career- it’s a way to bring hope back for people who might have lost it. KAL Training’s Certificate IV in Disability Support will make you well-versed with all the practical skills and knowledge you require to excel in the disability services industry. So, gear up and advance towards making a difference in your client’s lives. There isn’t one standard type of disability support worker. Each day you wake up is a new, unique and challenging experience. ‘The simple act of caring is heroic’- Edward Albert.