Early learning and childcare lays out the foundation for children to flourish both educationally and socially in a sheltered environment, while supporting parents into work. Childcare is most definitely rewarding; with no day the same, being part of a community helping children to learn, grow and develop to their full potential and ability during their most influential years.

Are you thinking about undergoing childcare training in Australia? It’s a great choice! For some enthusiasts, knowledge sharing and love for children are two reasons to take it up professionally.

Skill Enhancement

You need to possess certain attributes to excel in the childcare industry. You should be patient, caring, empathetic, a good communicator, alert, creative, energetic, compassionate and responsible. Good organisational skills, problem-solving skills, planning and decision-making skills are also looked for by childcare employers.


Childcare jobs are far from the regular nine-to-five desk jobs. Though childcare workers are required in diverse settings with varied responsibilities, they can have flexible working schedules and conditions while juggling with other commitments and duties like school and family.

Rewarding Experience

You will have an incredible opportunity to impact the young one’s lives positively. Nurturing children is a job that is extremely fulfilling, and also involves a great deal of responsibility. You’ll play a significant role in shaping their minds and laying the foundation for their behaviour and attitudes in the future. The children of today are the future of tomorrow, therefore, the values you imbibe will go a long way. You, yourself will always be a learner.

Valuable Service Performance

One of the biggest benefits in studying childcare courses is that there’s a limitless capacity for play whilst you learn! Of course, there is immense hard work and dedication involved, however, creativity and play are critical aspects of teaching young minds, so you’re encouraged to let your imagination run wild. But your job role won’t just be limited to children, as you’ll also interact with their parents and other team members to ensure the wellbeing of your students and implement learning programs more effectively. You will be a role model in little lives as Douglas Adam says,” To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”

Diverse Employment

Childcare workers are in high demand and will always be. With respect to their qualification and experience, they are employed as early childhood educators, nanny, teacher aide, educational leader and so forth.

Promising Career Trajectory

The career prospects for qualified childcare workers in Australia is very strong. According to Australian Government’s Job Outlook Service, the number of people working in childcare is expected to grow very fast to more than 183,000 and around 10,000 childcare centre managers will be required in the next five years.* 95 percent of the childcare workforce are females. The most common annual salary in Australia for a childcare worker is between $50,000** and $60,000.

Caring for other people’s children comes with a great deal of responsibility, which is why any role in childcare requires the backing of a quality education. KAL Training, a trusted and renowned RTO, delivers childcare training in Australia with a wide range of nationally recognised, government funded childcare courses to suit your needs which include both in-class and online study options. At a minimum, you need to take up a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care and advance further with a Diploma. Now that all your doubts are cleared, advance today and upskill your career.