Early childhood education is an impactful and rewarding career to pursue. In Australia, the government has undertaken a series of programs and subsidies to make childcare more affordable, accessible and flexible. Henceforth, childcare courses are offered by many organisations across Australia. However, assessing amongst the varied options available, the best institute is the one that best suits your needs. A few points to take in account when selecting an institute to acquire your childcare training are its training program, its record of job placement for graduates, its credentials, fees and location, among many others.

A career in childcare leads to purpose, fulfillment, and real joy during a child’s most influential years. But caring for other people’s children comes with a huge amount of responsibility, which is why any role in childcare requires the backing of a quality education and formal training.

KAL Training, a reputed and well-established Recognised Training Organisation (RTO), offers accredited vocational training that allows students to directly enter the ever-growing childcare industry. Childcare placement is a critical part of your learning, as it is an opportunity to apply the skills learnt into practice, during real-life situations. Childcare courses delivered at KAL Training, equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge with a blend of classroom-based education along with practical learning and hands-on placements that will enable you to be competent in early childhood education.

Take inventory of a range of childcare courses offered by our institution throughout Australia that get you job-ready and help you embark on your future career.

Studying with us enables our students to undertake a more versatile approach to learning while earning nationally recognised qualifications upon completion. At KAL Training, we are passionate about nurturing our student’s individual qualities, preparing them for leading meaningful and purposeful lives and by providing them with many opportunities to accomplish their ideal career aspirations. By keeping core training in education, our expert childcare practitioners’ aim at delivering current, relevant courses incorporating industry-based curriculum that meet the needs of our students and the industry. Our childcare courses will teach you how to plan, manage and implement programs in childhood services. Learn from our enthusiastic veteran professionals who acknowledge the need for highly immersive learning, with a strong emphasis on the learner and their ultimate goals and career ambitions.

Are you ready to embark on a new venture? KAL Training is a one-stop solution to secure your future. We are a family of learners. Come on board with our experts, build connections, learn innovative ideas and lay the foundation for a successful career in childcare.