Have you ever found yourself admiring skyscrapers and captivating infrastructures? Construction is not just about building sites, it involves the planning, coordination and control of a project from its inception to delivery. Aspiring to work in the construction industry is a great move to advance in your career. The CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction is the ideal qualification to become a registered builder in Australia. This vocational course is offered by KAL Training where you will learn to develop the skills required to manage and supervise a wide range of building projects.

Designed to meet the industry standards this Diploma of Building and Construction delivered by our professionals focuses on the principles, regulations and techniques of the construction sector. But, what does a Diploma in Building and Construction get you? Is it worth learning? Yes, indeed. Let’s take a glimpse at the reasons stated below.

Skill Enhancement

A diploma will help you develop more complex skills and knowledge needed to apply for supervisory and construction management roles within the industry- in both domestic and commercial settings. Some of these skills include: team management, delegation, organisational skills, effective communication, planning, prioritising and risk management, negotiation skills and problem solving.

Intellectual Growth

Undertaking the Diploma of Building and Construction, you’ll also advance your knowledge with regard to the following: quantity surveying, selecting contractors, planning and scheduling of labour and materials, supervising work sites, construction technology, managing project risk and quality, small business finance, managing workplace safety, prepare contracts and evaluate project tenders.

Practical Learning

The practical curriculum of a diploma incorporates hands-on work experience and project-based learning. You’ll be able to understand the inter-relation between varied aspects of building projects and on- site excursions like visits to residential and commercial construction projects will help you gain practical experience in this field.

Career Advancement

The construction industry in Australia is on the upswing with the thrust given by the government to boost the economy. According to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee, the construction industry generates over $360 billion in revenue and has a projected annual growth rate of 2.4% in the next five years. Moreover, being a builder pays well. As a tradie you’ll be earning around $1458* per week.

Graduates of this Diploma of Building and Construction can explore career pathways by undertaking potential job roles like: registered builder, estimator, building supervisor and construction manager. With this diploma, you not only avail high quality education, but a nationally recognised qualification that you can use all across Australia. Careers in building and construction are a great way to develop your technical, negotiation and time management skills, work on an array of projects and even build your own business. As a building and construction graduate, the expertise and knowledge that you’ll gain through your learning journey with us will be valued by employers in a range of sectors.

With a Diploma at hand, you will have developed the foundation skills to build and move up your own career ladder. Land a high-paying position, enjoy job stability and be proud of creating something that will last a lifetime, and a dream career that you can truly say you accomplished. Gear up and enrol at KAL Training today.