The need for aged care has continued to grow despite changes in the economy and is one of the biggest growing industries in Australia today. To provide treatment, assistance and care for people and the health issues they are likely to face as they age, people choose to specialize and work in the aged care sector. These careers can be both extremely rewarding and equally challenging and for those who wish to make a difference in the lives of others, working with the elderly can be a great fit. Once qualified, the aged care industry offers secure employment and variety combined with flexibility and avenues for career advancement.

CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support prepares you to provide personal and holistic care in home, community and residential aged care facilities. At KAL Training, our trained professionals will help you gain the expertise and skills required to support the elderly with complex needs even working with groups of elderly individuals. This nationally recognised qualification permits you to work all across Australia.

To help you decide whether or not an aged care career path is right for you, take inventory of the following reasons before stepping forward in this field.


People working in aged care experience immense personal satisfaction in helping seniors maintain a happy and healthy quality of life. You will interact with patients throughout the day, developing relationships, empowering them and providing emotional support. Getting up to work is much easier when you know that you make a positive impact on the community. It’s the most heartwarming job in the world as each moment in their life counts.


Aged care services are high in demand as Australia’s ageing population continues to rise. Our over 65 population is estimated to grow 7 percent by 2057. Employment for aged care workers is expected to grow very strongly. Over the years to 2024, the number of job openings for aged care workers is projected to be high as 222,300.*


Working with the elderly requires specific skills and personality traits like patience, empathy, respect, optimism, good communication skills, active listening and multi-tasking. KAL Training will help in enhancing your skill set to care for the rights, interests and empowerment of seniors.


Most aged care workers are part-time, having the flexibility to work around their plans and commitments. Moreover, you can also work anywhere in Australia.


Aged care is a very social job. Along with physically assisting your client with day to day tasks, you also need to provide social and emotional support by accompanying clients on outings or inviting friends over to their own home. This facilitates good social and mental health.


With a Certificate IV in Ageing Support you will have the basic skills and knowledge to start your aged care career. On its completion you will find most aged care roles within reach like care supervisor, accomodation support worker, day activity worker, care team leader and so forth. You may find yourself working in varied fields beyond an aged care facility such as clinics, home care facilities and residential establishments The most common annual salary in Australia for an aged care worker is between $50,000 dollars and $60,000** Position vacancies have doubled and employment trends predict that the aged care sector will be one of the largest employers over the next 20 years.

A career working with the elderly can be more than just personally rewarding. Join KAL Training today and grow your career in this vibrant industry in Australia.