Even in today’s rapidly evolving world, the significance of a child’s early years and thereby the need for skilled early childhood education professionals continues to hold significance. Early childhood educators possessing the right skills, passion and intellect are currently being flooded with opportunities. The career outlook for skilled and dedicated professionals in childcare are at all time high from pre-school teaching, to curriculum designing, from counselling to school administration, from research to training there is no death of opportunities.

To be innovative and adaptable enough to seize any opportunity thrown their way, educators need to invest in themselves today not because they ‘want to’ but because they ‘need to’. Taking up courses, grabbing in-job progression opportunities, learning best practices from experts, undertaking work placements, developing a network of passionate educators, and in-depth training to enhance skills are some of the measures that educators should take into account.


When you complete the CHC50121 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care from KAL Training, you earn a nationally recognised qualification highly regarded by employers in this sector. This course legitimises you to work at a senior level in a variety of children’s services, including designing and developing curriculum and supervision of staff. Working with young children fulltime is a noble calling and there are several routes to pursue that calling. With a Diploma you can become a fully qualified and competent early childhood educator and develop skills in providing activities and care to children. You’ll learn to facilitate learning and play in order to enable children to achieve developmental outcomes. This qualification also prepares you for roles with high levels of responsibility. At Melbourne, our students learn from the best experts with years of experience in a positive atmosphere and have access to state-of-the-art facilities.


Many professionals in this field also enjoy the benefits of running their own business and providing a service that suits the needs of both children and their parents. Individuals in these roles will be competent to make a real difference in the foundational knowledge of countless children. Feeling intrigued?

Wondering what you can do with a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care? What kind of jobs can you seek with this credential at hand? This robust field offers bountiful and promising opportunities in teaching, business, leadership and administration. Let’s learn more about the roles you could pursue with this qualification. Outlined below are a plethora of top early childhood education jobs offered in Melbourne.

  • Childhood Education Manager
  • Outside School Hours Coordinator
  • Family-Day Care Coordinator
  • Team Leader or Room Leader in a Service
  • Early-Childhood Educator
  • Playgroup Coordinator
  • Assistant Director of Early Childhood Services
  • Early-Childhood Educator – Team Leader
  • Reliever in Early-Childhood Programs


At KAL Training, we believe it is necessary for our students to have extensive experience in the profession to thrive in this sector. Make the most of work placements which are a part of your diploma course to build up your knowledge, gain practical experience and build contacts. The real-world experiences permit you to integrate theory with professional practice in early learning programs. Through your placements you’ll gain valuable hands-on skills and experience to help you perceive the diverse roles, settings and responsibilities of an early childhood educator.

Early childhood education is one of the fastest growing industries in Victoria. The additional skills and knowledge you learn by studying the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care with us will qualify you for higher paying jobs in this domain. The employment size for childcare centre managers in Australia comprises of 18,100* workers with a weekly pay of $1272. The state of Victoria by itself employs around 24.1% of early childhood educators in Australia. Early childhood educator roles in Victoria were typically advertised between $50,000 $60,000** in the last 3 months. Sounds inspiring?

Early childhood job opportunities are expected to balloon over the next several years. Individuals following this career path will have a wide variety of employer opportunities; state or government, private childcare facilities, or childhood education centres. Graduates of the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care can operate in a multidisciplinary field involving care, education and health. This qualification provides continuous and extended professional placements in early childhood education and care settings, community setting and primary school experience. You’ll gain the confidence to lead a team working in long day care centres, family day care preschools or kindergartens.

To score one of the estimated 184,000 new opportunities in this sector (Job Outlook), undertaking childcare qualifications like the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care is requisite and a synthesis of persistent professional development and experience can see your childcare career blossom. It gives you an edge over other professions in the business due to its versatility and broad scope.

However, since the Australian childcare industry is becoming increasingly dynamic and competitive, it’s a smart move to advance with a higher-level qualification like the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, to keep you ahead of the competition. Join KAL Training and enter the doorway to countless opportunities to explore yourself.