Working in community services is an enriching career where you can really make a true difference to people’s quality of life and in turn it will also provide you with the satisfaction of helping others. With a career in community services, you can be rest assured that you’ll have umpteen areas of specialisation should you wish to advance your career. In Australia, the need for committed and skilled community service professionals is ballooning owing to our growing ageing population and other pressing issues such as high prevalence of mental health problems and drug abuse.

The community services is unquestionably an exciting and growing profession which offers stability, career fulfilment and a wide variety of job roles. Community service employees practice across the complete spectrum of Human Services, work in varied capacities and work with children, youngsters, people with disability, refugees and migrants, the homeless and the elderly to name a few. This is the beauty of working in this robust industry with abundant possibilities and options.

If you’re looking to kick-start a career in an industry that you know has opportunities to bloom, then community service is the right career for you. Want to know more about the roles within this rewarding community services industry? Let’s read on.


The CHC52021 Diploma of Community Services offered by KAL Training is a generic qualification for individuals interested to enter the community services industry in Australia. With quality training delivered by our experts you’ll learn to develop your skills and knowledge in managing, coordinating and delivering person-centred services to individuals, groups and communities. This course will prepare you to work in a broad range of community services roles in direct practice or team leadership. The knowledge, expertise and reputation that you’ll earn with a Diploma in Community Services with us will ensure you graduate ready to secure employment in this dynamic and diverse field.


Wondering what you can do with a Diploma of Community Services? What kind of jobs can you seek with this credential at hand? Studying the Diploma of Community Services opens up myriad opportunities and broadens your horizons. Let’s know about the roles you could pursue with this qualification.

  • Community Services Worker
  • Community Care Manager
  • Coordinator of Volunteer Work
  • Team Leader
  • Program Coordinator
  • Care Team Leader
  • Family Services Coordinator
  • Support Facilitator (Community Services)

With such a plethora of roles under the community services banner you’re sure to find your passion.


The Diploma of Community Services from KAL Training is highly regarded in the industry and offers flexible placements. Our on-site community services facilities are fully equipped to help you gain exposure, build contacts and develop skills through real-life practical experience. With these placements, you’ll have the chance to work on initiatives with our community partners. Delivered by qualified professionals with wide-ranging community sector experience our approach is to help you perceive the diverse roles, settings and responsibilities of a community worker.


Graduates of the Diploma of Community Services are eligible to work in a variety of community service settings like community work, aged care, disability services, mental health and counselling, family services, drug education, youth work, advocacy, child protection, schools, housing and community development, crisis intervention and more. Jobs in community services can be found all over Australia and in several different departments- non-profit organisations, government or private sectors.

Community services is Australia’s second largest employing industry and is accelerating. It delivers a variety of medical, residential and social assistance services to support us all, and is also responsible for the wellbeing and independence of our communities. The Australian community services industry has a large employment size of 62,200* workers with a weekly pay of $1,328. A very strong future growth for community workers is forecasted over the next 5 years and is likely to reach 73,300* by 2025. Sounds inspiring?

Community workers being indispensable to community services are in great demand now in Australia. The specialised skills, knowledge and real-world experience you acquire by studying the Diploma of Community Services with us will qualify you for higher paying jobs in this domain. New modules of care and technological advances are transforming the work culture, and Australian businesses are eyeing to employ skilled professionals to keep pace with the latest trends in the industry.


A big advantage that accompanies this qualification is that it offers a solid foundation whilst affording you the flexibility to move around the sector as your career progresses. On successfully completing this qualification, you’ll have the knowledge and skills required to progress through to Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management or -related courses.

When you choose a career in community services your actions give others hope for a better and brighter future. Are you ready to transform your passion for serving your community into a full-fledged career with the most sought-after qualification in the growing community services sector? At KAL Training we believe you can change the world starting with yourself.