What is Early Childhood Education? It’s often misunderstood that early childhood education is limited to learning elementary skills. There’s a lot more to it. It’s when children learn social and emotional skills, and a partnership is formed between the child, their parents, and the educator.

UNESCO states, “Early childhood education and care are more than preparation for primary school. It aims at the holistic development of a child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs in order to build a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and well-being. Early Childhood Education has the possibility to nurture caring, capable and responsible future citizens.” Globally nations are becoming cognizant of the importance of early childhood education as well.

Early learning and childcare lay the foundation for children to flourish both educationally and socially in a sheltered environment while supporting parents at work. The Australian childcare industry is vast, fulfilling, and fast-paced, where skilled educators provide supervision, care, and education to children during their most significant years. Children’s early learning influences and moulds their whole lives. That’s why early childhood educators have such a notable role to play.

But are childcare and early childhood education valued? What kind of careers are obtainable in childcare? If you’re contemplating undergoing childcare training in Australia, it’s a fantastic choice! It’s a crucial time in children’s lives because it is when they first learn how to interact with peers, teachers, and parents, and also begin to develop values that will last a lifetime.

Recent research portrays the significance of early childhood education as an essential building block of a child’s future success. Helping children to learn and grow is a big part of it, but this field also provides abundant opportunities for self-growth — not just limiting it to your knowledge but, in your social-emotional growth as well.

The childcare domain is budding with bountiful opportunities to advance your career in professionally rewarding directions and the surge for skilled and passionate early childhood educators is always on the rise in Australia. Find an accomplishing and purposeful career in childcare, learn from the little learners as you teach them, and make a true impact by enabling kids to become their best selves.

To score one of the estimated 184,000 new opportunities in this sector (Job Outlook), having the right childcare qualification is essential. In Australia, the future for childcare workers is blossoming with a current employment size of 96,300* workers. And that means no dearth of opportunities!


Nurturing children is a job mounting with great responsibility. That’s where the need for quality education gains value. Did you know? KAL Training, a renowned RTO in Australia delivers childcare training via an array of nationally recognised, and accredited childcare courses to suit your needs. These include Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC30121), Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC50121), Certificate IV in School Age Education and Care (CHC40113), and Diploma of School Age Education and Care (CHC50221).

Quality childcare training provided by our experienced childcare practitioners will empower you with deep-rooted knowledge of child development and learning, equipping you with the required skills and knowledge to foster children’s well-being and take up management positions in the long run. You’ll learn to design and implement early childhood programs to help young ones build a foundation of mental, physical and social skills for a happy life. Childcare training, at KAL Training facilities, will help you gain insights regarding the intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and educational needs of children, and how to support their rights and safety. As an educator, you’ll help children learn through play, engaging them in constructive educational programs, and contributing to their mental and physical development in a safe and supportive environment.

Take an incredible opportunity to impact the young ones’ lives positively. You’ll play a noteworthy role in shaping their minds and laying the foundation for their behaviour and attitudes in the future.

By undergoing https://www.kaltraining.com.au with us, you’ll witness a total transformation heading towards a promising career with multifarious roles in this blooming industry. As per your qualification and experience, you can be employed as a Childhood Educator Assistant, Outside School Hours Aide, Preschool Assistant, or Family Day Care Provider moving on to senior roles as a Childhood Education Manager, Early-Childhood Educator, Playgroup coordinator, Team Leader – the possibilities are endless. These childcare courses entitle you to work in varied childhood settings- pre-schools, childcare centres, and family daycare centers., and that too all across Australia.

The career outlook for qualified childcare workers in Australia is very bright. The Australian Skills Priority List identifies this as a profession with a current worker shortage and strong future demand. Job growth of 10.2%** is predicted over the next five years (2020-2025). The number of people working in childcare is expected to grow very fast to more than 183,000*, and around 10,000 childcare center managers will be required in the next five years. Aren’t these facts remarkable?

Childcare workers plant the seeds for the future generation to bloom into good human beings. Invest today and reap benefits in the future by undertaking childcare training, and avail professional excellence and quality education at KAL Training.