The time for career planning is now! You don’t have to know exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life or know where you want to work right away, but reflecting on your interests and researching different career paths is a great place to start. KAL Training offers a range of courses that are excellent for career planning and growth. These courses will help you expand on your current skills and provide you with knowledge that can lead you to many different job opportunities and prospects in the near future. Read on to learn more about some of KAL Training’s courses that will help you with your career planning and development.

Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology

KAL Training’s Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology isan entry-level qualification that will teach you the fundamentals of Information, Digital Media and Technology, in order to gain a position within the informationand communications technology (ICT) industry. This course will cover all of the basic skills and knowledge required to succeed in an ICT role. This nationally recognised course is also a great pathway into further IT studies. An entry-level course in the ICT field is a perfect path to take if you love all things techand love unleashing your inner nerd. An entry-level ICT course is also a magnificent option as it can open the door to many different positions, such as a programmer, network professional, technical support, security specialist, and can also help you get into a variety of industries – from aerospace, banking, and computing, to e-commerce, manufacturing, telecommunications and travel. The possibilities are endless with KAL Training’s Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technologyqualification.

Diploma of Business Administration

KAL Training’s Diploma of Business Administrationis a great qualification to obtain for anyone with experience in an office environment who’s looking to move up to a more senior role with more responsibility, or is a total newbie looking to kick-start a successful career within business administration. This diploma qualification will teach you all that you need to know in order to make that step. Throughout the duration of this courseit will cover specific skills such as how to plan and review administration systems, handle meetings and conferences, design or develop business documents and much more. With a qualification like KAL Training’s Diploma of Business Administration, you can pretty much work in any field under the sun, in positions such as an office manager, administration team leader, personal/executive assistant, project administrator, corporate services manager, small business manager, business development manager, business consultant, etc. As this qualification can get your foot in the door of any industry, in a business-related role, it’s a perfect option for anyone not sure of what they want to do. This is because it grants them access into an industry, where they might be able to move around and gain experience in other roles that peak their interest, once they’ve been with the organisation long enough. Anyone who obtains this qualification will also gain useful skills and knowledge that will prove to be universal and help them in other roles they work in, that may be totally unrelated to the business sector.

Diploma of Leadership and Management

KAL Training’s Diploma of Leadership and Managementis a nationally recognised business qualification designed to help you plan, execute and evaluate your own work, as well as the work of a team. Throughout this course, you will explore the critical capabilities that make an effective manager. This program coverstopics such as the management of business, performance and people. This course is designed specifically for supervisors or middle-level managers that are responsible for a team of people, as well as those who participate in operational planning and are involved in change management. Upon completion of this course, graduates can go on to find employment in roles such as a team leader, product manager, service manager, business development manager, training manager, senior manager, etc. Once again, this is a course that can lead to management positions in nearly any industry you desire. This means that you may have the opportunity to move into another role that interests you more within the organisation. This course is an excellent choice for career planning and development!

KAL Training understands how overwhelming career planning can be, and that’s why we offer FREE career counselling and will help you choose the right course for you, one that meets your career goals and interests. Check out our other courses that may be beneficial for your career plan.