The aged care industry is growing. Now is the time to consider pursuing this attainable and rewarding career. Now is the time more than ever to enrol into a course that will give you the appropriate knowledge, experience and credentials for this booming industry. Popular aged care courses in Australia include: Certificate III in Aged Care, Certificate III in Individual Support and Certificate IV in Aged Care. But with so many course options to choose from, it can be hard to determine which course is right for you and which course aligns with your career goals. That’s where we come in.

Certificate III in Aged Care

The Certificate III in Aged Care is one of the most popular aged care courses in Australia, and can get you into a role within the aged care industry very quickly. Typically Certificate III courses are accredited and can be put towardsfurther study in the future. This course has practical as well as theoretical elementsinvolved. Students who successfully complete this qualification will have the practical and theoretical knowledge to start a rewarding career as a care worker in residential or community settings. You can also find employment in a lot of other roles within the aged care sector. With this qualification, you can choose whether you want to work in a residential aged care facility or if you prefer to work for individuals privately. Duration of a course usually depends on which state the course is completed, and on who the course provider is. The Certificate III in Aged Care can take up to 18 months to complete.

Certificate III in Individual Support

A Certificate III in Individual Support focuses on the skills and knowledge required to work in any area of individual care, with certain Certificate III in Individual Support courses tailored towards care in the aged sector. This qualification can provide you with the knowledge to provide discretion, judgement and the skillsetrequired to give genuine support and care to the elderly. This course can also help you develop the experience you need to help your elderly clients live fulfilling lives and have someone to lean on for support when they need it. Upon successful completion of this course, you’ll be equipped with the skills relevant to aged care and also the disability sector. You won’t be limited to just one industry sector. With a course like the Certificate III in Individual Support, there is usually a work placement component that students must undertake, so that you’re fully prepared to enter the workforce.

Certificate IV in Ageing Support

Certificate III in Aged Care is the building block for Certificate IV in Ageing Support, to enable students who’ve completed Certificate III in Aged Care to develop a deeper understanding on how to work with special needs cases and equip students with management and supervisory skills.
Once students have completed a Certificate IV in Ageing Support, that KAL Training happen to offer,students will be qualified to care for elderly individuals, and will have the ability to supervise and coordinate other workers who work in the aged care sector. With the Certificate IV qualification, individuals will be able to find employment in the aged care industry, working in roles that have more medical responsibilities, including infection control, age-related disabilities and illness.
Now that you know more about some of the common aged care courses in Australia, you should have a better idea of which course is best for you, your interests and your career goals. Browse aged care courses today and begin your journey into this rewarding career! To discuss aged care courses and your career opportunities, please call KAL Training at 1800-244-438 today.